Welcome to Wheatley Watersource

A wide-ranging environmental platform supporting the UK’s water industry with pilot projects in place for water retailers, water companies and water abstractors to join, free of charge. Each pilot has won the support of a wide range of organisations in the water industry, due to the contribution that will be made to the future preservation of water.

Take part free of charge, in the UK’s ground-breaking scheme for water companies and all licensed and non-licensed abstractors. This is not about commercialism; it’s about finding a better way to explore securing alternative sources of water. Join the growing community wanting to shape the future of water management. Log in to this site to get started. Contact details below.

Market information is published alongside a water company’s Water Resources Management Plan supplying a forecast for each Water Resource Zone. It has never been possible to view this information all in one place – until now! Get involved, free of charge, in removing barriers and providing an open view for all to see.  Contact details below.

This mapping software allows organisations to openly communicate drought related messages, advisory notices, and restrictions for each Water Resource Zone in real time. The pilot aims to provide a UK-wide view for water companies who have have their own log-in details to update their information. Be a participant in this innovative programme, free of charge and help to remove complexity. Contact details below.

Thankfully there’s lots of projects planned or underway to improve the water environment, but do you know what or where they are? This pilot shows you just that. By joining in, free of charge, your projects can be mapped, and descriptions and photos added. You can see others too, gaining useful insight and make contact to find out more about them. Lend a hand, map your projects. Check back soon or contact us using the details below.

Joining or enquiry

To join all or any of the above, or to enquire further please email Simon Murray, Water Solutions Manager: simon.murray@wheatleysolutions.co.uk

Find out more about our projects on the Wheatley Solutions website